Monday, June 24, 2013

Tennis with Glass

Today was the first time I took my Glass out in public. I decided to wear it while playing tennis with +Stephen Cia . Stephen is my regular tennis buddy, and we usually play together almost every week. I'm using the term 'regular' quite loosely here since we both haven't actually played tennis for months. Stephen just had a baby recently and he actually had to sneak out for a bit to play with me. (thanks dude!)

Sorry we suck.

Playing tennis with Glass is not something really new. I've seen a few people wearing it to record their sessions. I really wanted to try it out though, and see if Glass can help my game in any way.

So here are some things that I learned:
  • I'm really out of shape.
  • I drag my feet a lot when chasing balls.
  • I don't turn my body enough when hitting the balls.
  • I'm really out of shape. Did I mention that?
  • I don't hit the ball with enough spin. 

All in all, I think this is a great way to analyze my game. Tennis instructors can use the videos to analyze where players are looking during matches. They also can look at players' habits with regards to shot selections. I wasn't able to exactly look at my hands, but I could tell by the result of my shot and the sound of the ball of hit, whether I was hitting the ball correctly or not.

I am comfortable with wearing Glass since it's very rare for me to get hit in the head while playing tennis. I can't imagine the same with soccer, basketball, or other contact sports.

Bringing my Glass to the tennis court means I had to go through several public places on the way. I went to the gas station before driving to the court, the room where we paid for our court, court's public bathroom, and the restaurant where I pick up my dinner. I didn't take off Glass even once, even in the bathroom (nobody was there, so cannot really judge the reaction).

I consider myself an introvert, and hate being the center of attention. Most of the time I ended up looking away from people's faces. During the few times I saw their faces, I noticed most of them were staring at me with puzzled looks, but nobody said anything. It was very weird and interesting in some way.