Sunday, June 30, 2013

Excuse me, but is that Glass?

So I finally experienced my first 'Is that Glass?' moment. It happened during my flight back from Philadelphia to San Francisco on Friday. I wore my Glass during the flight and the girl next to me asked if I was wearing Glass. The funny part was that she only noticed me wearing one only when I was taking it off and shutting it down before the plane take off. I explained to her some basic functionalities and promised to give her a live demo once we're airborne. She liked the design of Glass and how subtle it is. She also told me it's the first time she has seen Glass in person,

A few minutes later one of the flight attendants walked by and noticed me wearing Glass.

Him: Is that Google Glass?
Me: It's already off. I promised it's off. (I panicked. Don't know why)
Him: (laughed) Oh, I actually want to see how it works. It's the first time I've seen it in person.
Me: Oh..

A few minutes after that, they announced that they're not ready to take off just yet. Apparently the pilot was still on his way driving to the airport, and this is after a two hour delay. Go figure. So I turned my Glass back on and show the girl sitting next to me how it works. I showed her some basic functionalities like how the time cards work, and how to take photos with voice command. I even let her tried Glass herself, but since she wears specs, it was quite hard to see the screen. She was hoping that Glass will have solutions for people that wears specs and don't want to resort by wearing contact lenses.

Showing her how to use voice command to take photos

So far, I haven't had any negative experience with Glass. I've had a few more encounters during the Segway tour on Saturday, but most of them were just curious and want to know how it works. I'm hoping it stays that way.