Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Flying with Glass

After going back and forth a few times, I decided to bring Glass for my trip to Pennsylvania this week. There were a few concerns. I was worried how TSA would handle Glass, and what would people on the plane and airport would react.

To my surprise, there were no problems at the TSA line at all. I was even allowed to wear it through the scanner. The machine beeped, but then I realized that I still have my wallet in my pocket. I took my wallet and Glass through the scanner and the machine didn't beep. I regret not just putting my wallet through the scanner and keep wearing Glass. Curious of how that will turn out. Looks like my Glass' camera accidently went off as well while in the scanner.

Want to know what's inside an airport scanner?
After that, nobody really paid attention of Glass. I did catch a few people staring at me before turning their heads the other way, but nobody really said anything. After I got to my seat, I quickly closed my eyes hoping to get a quick nap (it was an early flight). Then I remember hearing a man saying 'Hey, that's Google Glass!' to (what sounds like) his son, which he responded  'Oooh!!'. On a separate note, this is the first time I'm flying on a United metal that has Wi-Fi. $8 for a 5 hour flight? Definitely worth it.

Wi-Fi on United metal! That's a first.

I started wearing Glass in the morning, and kept it on most of the times, except when putting it through scanner and when I went to the bathroom. I had to take it off at some point during the flight because it got too uncomfortable. The behind of my right ear was starting to hurt. This might not happen to everyone, and might just specific to my case. It doesn't look like Glass is currently suitable for a long time usage.

After the end of the night, I took off Glass and found marks on the top of my nose, where the nose buds were placed. It doesn't hurt, but it never happened with my prescription glasses. I might need to play around with the bigger nose buds.

Marks on top of my nose after a full day wearing Glass

All in all, I survived my first flight with Glass. It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be.