Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I finally received my Google Glass pickup invitation this morning. For those that haven't been following, Google has started to sell Glass on a very limited basis. 2000 attendees of Google I/O 2012 (yearly developer conference from Google) had the chance to pre-order Glass last year. Earlier this year Google ran a promotional campaign in Google+ and Twitter to select 8000 'Glass Explorers'. The 'winners' get to spend USD $1500 + tax to purchase Glass ahead of general public.

Long story short, my entry got selected in February, and Google started sending out invitations to purchase glass last month. I got mine earlier this morning.

It was a very simple process. After a few skipped heartbeats, fist-pumping, and high-fiving myself, I calmed myself down and started the purchasing process. I was able to select the colors from Tangerine, Sky, Shale, Cotton, Charcoal, which is just a fancy way of saying Orange, Blue, Grey, White, Black. No idea why they don't just say the colors (I am one of those guys that still refuses to say tall, grande, or venti at Starbucks). I picked Black.. I mean, Charcoal..

Following that, I was able to select the location of where I can pick my Glass. There are only three locations available, which is Los Angeles, Mountain View, and New York. Considering I live just about 30 minutes driving from the Mountain View office, I picked that one. I've always wanted to visit New York though.

The first date available was June 15th at 3PM this Saturday. Perfect. Following that you're given an option to make sure all the info is correct, and of course, pay for the Glass.

So there you go. I'm about to be USD $1631.25 poorer. Will this be worth the money spent? I guess I'll find out pretty soon. 

Stay tuned.