Monday, August 19, 2013

Google Glass on stage

I had a nice break last week meeting my parents at the Alaskan cruise. As all of you might have known, they always have a bunch of shows happening every night during a cruise, like Broadway shows and such.

One of the acts was David Klinkenberg. He is a very talented violinist and an awesome entertainer. After his first show, an idea occurred in my mind. I want him to wear Glass and record the performance from his point of view. After the show ended, I approached him and start chatting. I took my Glass off and asked if he know what it is. His eyes widen and replied 'Is that Google Glass?' and quickly swiped it from my hand and tried it on himself.

He was so impressed with Glass that it didn't really take a long time to convince him to go ahead with my plan. After that I talked to the cruise director to make sure it's okay for David to wear my Glass. She was even more excited.

You can see his performance below.

I found that it's cool to be able to see a musician's point a view during the performance. I feel that there will be some other benefits, but I just don't know what. What do you guys think?